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Hey so I saw some of your posts talking about lucid dreaming and stuff and I was wondering if you know any way to learn how to lucid dream? It sounds very interesting!!


Hello friend!!! I am very, very happy that you are interested in lucid dreaming! It’s honestly my favorite thing in the entire world. I have learned a lot in the time I have been actively lucid dreaming (on and off for 5+ years) so I have a bunch of useful tips and tricks! I am to the point now where I basically live my normal life, go to bed, live an entirely different life, wake up, and start again. It’s fucking incredible. Everything feels so real.

whoops I am readmore-ing this because I could ramble about this topic for DAYS. Sorry anon, you unleashed the beast

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how do you do the projection thing?


it’s really hard to explain because there are so many ways to do it.

this one monk, he would pretend his bed was a swing to calm him down, and would imagine the swaying motions and would “feel” them. One day he just popped out of his body. this way is alright, but you have to take into consideration that he was a monk and had done tons of meditation and his energy was pure, so he was protected against negative entities.

another way is by realizing you’re lucid dreaming (aka being able to control your dreams fluidly as if you were in real life, but you know it’s a dream) and breaking down the walls of the dream in order to see your room or your body.

the way it happens for me (totally unwanted and out of nowhere) is that if i fall asleep very stressed or very late, i’ll fall into sleep paralysis (do not recommend). Basically, during sleep paralysis, you can’t move any part of your body (literally paralysis) and you start hallucinating (usually very scary things). By then, i’m scared out of my mind because these hallucinations come with sound and it seems very real, and i just jump out of my body to try to escape the evil entity. once i realize what’s happening, i jump back into my body automatically. I have no control over it.

a lot of people will tell you to lay still while keeping consciousness to be able to lucid dream. DO NOT DO THIS. it will cause sleep paralysis instead, and you don’t want that to happen. 

if you are going to do any of the following tips i’ve gathered (after the numbers), PLEASE do the numbers before anything. 

  1. MEDITATE. you have no idea how important this is. if you are sad, or angry or feeling any negative emotions, you will attract negative entities. you don’t want this. although they will not harm you (your body is connected to a silver cord and nothing severs that until your natural, “real life” death) they CAN scare you and bother you. they’re bored. they want to have fun, and what better than a scared soul that doesn’t know what’s going on? 
    Some meditations you can do can be found on youtube. cleansing meditations work. My personal favorite is the White Light meditation, where you basically repeat that you accept the white light (laying down or in lotus position with eyes closed) and you will visualize a white bubble of light coming toward you and engulfing you. once you are in the bubble, you are good. I added an extra step from a different meditation, too, because i struggle with inner negativity (depression, anxiety, addiction) and so cleaning my insides is just as important as clearing my outsides. Basically, you breathe in the white light and visualize it going through your body, kind or like smoke, first through your head, neck, chest, then arms, all the way to your fingertips, then legs all the way to your toes; after every breathe in, you exhale black smoke (all the negativity in your body)
  2. RELAX. nothing is worse that not being ready to astral project. if you start to panic, it wont work. 
  3. make sure you’re ALONE, WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS. light is okay, but you should be in a room without music or noise. Pick a room you’re totally comfortable in, and make sure you’ve cleared the area of negativity (burning sage helps, if not, a couple of weeks of only positivity will do.

these are just basics. now:

  • breathe in slowly, relaxed. after some time meditating, this will become natural. don’t think, let consciousness slip away
  • if you don’t mind going into sleep paralysis, you can go ahead and do so (still do not recommend, but for me it’s the most successful way)
  • after you’ve relaxed enough, you’ll start to feel a vibration (NOT TINGLING) around your limbs. 
  • once you feel the vibration, you are pretty close to astral projection. visualize a tunnel with your third eye
  • follow the light at the end of the tunnel , until you get to the end. once you’re at the end you should be out of your body.
  • you can also lucid dream, and then tear down your walls as i stated before.

as i mentioned on my last astral projection rant, it’s taken me TWO YEARS to even come close to mastering it.

the most successful one to date is one where i woke up and saw the little girl from the ring. my hair was over my face and i freaked out because i couldn’t breathe. i was laying on my side. so i got up, stumbled, ran out of the room, and walked into the living room confused. my parents didn’t acknowledge me, and i saw the my mom was sprawled on her bed watching a chilean tv show and my dad was making a sandwhich. i was confused and i WALKED back to bed. When i realized what had happened, i had already woken up, and i was still on my side, barely able to move. i got out of the paralysis somehow, and i got up to drink water after the terrifying experience, and i saw exactly what i had seen not a minute before while i was in bed. my mom acknowledged me that time though, because she could see me.

other times, i’ve seen my siblings’ bodies on their beds, but at the same time playing tag together. 

these are all CONSCIOUS astral projections.

by now, i should probably mention that astral projection is NORMAL, and everyone does it, daily. Some people do it with spirit guides (angels if you’re religious), others travel to the akashic records (a sort of astral library the holds every single thought, experience, thing in existence), others go swim with sharks. BUT, everyone does it, every single night. 

you know how some people “don’t dream”? really, it’s just that they can’t remember their dreams, but everyone always dreams, right? 

astral projection is the same thing. you just have to be conscious about it to remember it.

i’m sorry this was so long, and i hoped this helped. there’s ton of stuff online too, if you’d like to research that (because this is a ton of information, but i didn’t cover a lot of it, just the basics)

June 21 | Dream came true

another of my dreams came true, this time it happened the day after I had the dream

it had to do with the person I’m seeing, they told me that they liked me but they were going thru a lot at the moment and they are not quite ready for a relationship just yet so that was it

later that day, in actual waking life this person told me that they liked me but they aren’t quite open for a relationship at the moment plus they’re going thru some shit they have to figure out

well at least I’m not disappointed

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um, hello!! i know youre getting a bunch of astral projection asks rn, but i was really curious how you visit other people's dreams? thank you!!


astral travel is much simpler than you would think, and it’s more of ‘willing’ yourself to go somewhere. I usually just think of the person I want to visit and boom! I’m there with them!

Depending on whether or not they are awake you’ll either end up where-ever they are, watching whatever they are doing while awake, or you may find yourself somewhere very strange/potentially scary if they are having a nightmare.

If they are awake, they usually don’t notice you at all, no matter what you do. If they are asleep, they will appear drunk and hard to communicate with, but you can potentially give them minor influences for when they wake up.